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Communicate: Ideas

Communicate: Ideas combines the visual tool of mind mapping with the support of Widgit Symbols, giving users the power to organise different kinds of information, regardless of their difficulties with language and learning.

Communicate: Ideas lets you brainstorm concepts, words and ideas on a page. Then simply drag and drop to link them together and get the flow of a conversation or document started.
Use symbols, speech, sounds and clip art or link to files and web pages to create dynamic, interactive presentations.
You can hide and show parts of the map to allow for reassessment and independent review. Maps can be printed across multiple pages for large displays.
Communicate: Ideas is the practical solution to presenting symbol-supported discussion, through mind mapping. Communicate: Ideas is interactive whiteboard friendly. Videos, web pages and sounds can all be linked to support multimedia learning.
Includes the 11,000+ Widgit symbol set, the best symbol set for education. With Ideas you will be able to access free updates to the Widgit Symbol Set.

Product code: SOF0037

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